Bach flower is an alternative therapy, it’s various natural essences which are used to treat various emotional situations, such as stress, depression, fear, loneliness… These essences were discovered at the beginning of the 20th century, by Edward Bach, physician and homeopath.

They consist of 38 kinds of remedies prepared to base of flowers and plants. These essences are obtained through homeopathy, each one of them is specific to treat emotional disorders. The theory according to Bach is that physical illnesses have emotional origin, namely that if emotional problems take over us for a long time, materialize through of the body as a physical illness. So, if your back emotional balance, physical illness will disappear. Thus was born the therapy of emotions.

Bach flowers are energy remedies, that their effect has nothing to do with the amount of the socket but with the frequency that is used. The effect produced is that helps our minds to auto watch us, and in this way discover our emotional state harmful for our health. This natural therapy, can be used both for adults, children and babies and animals can also be applied. They do not produce any adverse effects, and the way to take these remedies usually orally, although they can be administered through the skin.

What are you waiting to try this natural therapy? It will help you find your emotional balance, and enjoy a full and healthy life.