We are pleased to be able to communicate, your pharmacy Hernandez Trujillo always is now Adeje Salud. We want to keep track of you and your well-being. Our new image includes a cross (like all the centers related to health), although this time the cross is only perceived and are not clearly visible, but it is part of a whole.

Since 1972 intend that the objective is not only the have to come to the pharmacy by be suffering any disease or illness. Our goal is not only the cure, but above all prevent that your health is not impaired by external reasons. We are therefore at your disposal to advise you, show you and teach you practical and a way of life that improves your physical and emotional state.

Our proposals go through offer ideas and cooking tips for a healthier diet and sports activities to improve your physical condition, not to mention having the mind active.

For more than 40 years at the service of health and specializing in medicine, orthopedics and optics gives us the possibility of obtaining an overview of each discipline. Therefore our spaces in Adeje Salud is interconnected in the same building. These reasons are those who do walk any time soon, that will be your comprehensive health center in your municipality in the South of Tenerife.

In 1948, the World Health Organization (WHO) defines the overall health as “the State of complete well-being on physical, mental and social of the human aspects” and not merely the absence of disease or ailments.

Little by little you will see some changes in regards to Visual aspects within our own evolution. Adeje Salud is there for you, is at your side, always very close and want to take care of you. Do not hesitate to ask us through our networks, by phone or directly through here. You’re welcome!

De Farmacia Adeje a Adeje Salud